What is Shipping Connects?

Shipping Connects is a company dedicated to giving business owners quality products to store and ship their items. We have a basic stock items and the list is continually growing. We are also currently growing into custom products to help each business be unique. If there are items that would help your business grow and you dont see it on our list please send an email to shippingconnects@gmail.com. We will see how we can accommodate you!

 Shipping information

We currently have 1- 10 day shipping. Most items will arrive around 3 days depending on weather and shipping companies. Some of our products will vary a little longer on shipping times because of the order process and cost associated with faster delivery times. These items will say in their description that they require longer order and shipping times so that there is no confusion. All items you order will arrive and they might be sent in different packages .  Any questions please email shippingconnects@gmail.com.

Is my credit card information safe?

 Yes! We are a trusted established website and encrypt all credit card information. We also accept paypal!

What is your return policy?