When we think back on our childhood memories, there are select memories that pop to mind. Some good and some bad. The memories that are most vivid in our minds are the times in our lives our character was molded.

  When I personally think back on my memories, there is one characteristic that sticks out more than all the others. Hard Work. From a young age my brothers and I were taught the values of hard work. We spent many long hard working days building houses, fencing, ranching, and anything that needed to be done. As long and painful as those days were, they paid off. All of us quickly rose to the top in our classes. We rose through the ranks quickly in our jobs and flourished in the world of self employment. 

  Now we as a group of hardworking family and friends are joining together into Shipping Connects! This unique combination of characteristics makes this company excel in the business world. Businesses and personnel we work with are guaranteed the best quality products, top notch customer service, and unwavering hard work dedicated to their business...