High quality, heavy duty bags to represent your company or products! These bags are perfect to store just about anything. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality flat poly bags. Most of our lay flat poly bags are made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals that can rip. These flat poly bags have an open top, and can be easily heat sealed  or closed with tape or  Our bags are lightweight and flexible, meaning they will protect your goods from dust and scratches. 

WIDE RANGE OF USES Great for a variety of usages such as storage, organization, and shipping. Our layflat poly bags are perfect to use everyday in the warehouse for all packaging purposes. These layflat bags are made with premium-grade, virgin LDPE plastic, which means that our clear plastic bags are durable and able to withstand the unpredictable shipping process.This premium bag features superior clarity for showing the quality of your products 

FOOD GRADE SAFE Our layflat  bags are made to be durable, odorless, and non toxic. FDA and USDA approved! 

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